This is a server that provides a VIAF (Virtual International Authority File) Reconciliation Service for OpenRefine.

You can use this service to resolve many types of names (i.e. persons, organizations, geographic regions) to standard IDs representing those entities.

Important Notes

Please keep your usage within reasonable limits (say, a few thousand requests a day), to avoid a) taxing my server and b) pissing off VIAF. If your needs are greater, consider hosting your own service. See below.

This project is not affiliated with either OpenRefine or VIAF. I make no guarantees about the availability of this service, the accuracy of the data transmitted, or anything else. Use at your own risk.

How to Use It

News and Updates

Jul 2016 - Now running v1.5 with fix for "too many requests" errors from VIAF.

Jun 2016 - Now running v1.4 with new "proxy mode" feature added.

May 2016 - Now running v1.3 with caching.

Apr 2016 - This service now runs v1.2 which calculates scores for results based on a name's similarity to the search string. Previously, all results had a score of 1.

Dec 2015 - The software that runs this service has changed. For details, please read this page.

Source Code

The source code for this service is in this github repository. Feel free to host your own service.